All Faiths Cremation Society understands that you may have many questions and concerns regarding the preplanning and cremation process. We’ve put together a brief list of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

What is cremation?

Cremation is not a type of funeral service. Cremation is a process that provides a final disposition. When cremation takes place, the deceased is exposed to intense heat and flame until ashes and bone fragments remain. After cremation and mechanical processing, approximately five to ten pounds of cremated remains (“ashes”) are placed in either a temporary container or urn.

What is direct cremation?

Direct cremation includes the basic services of the director and staff, transferring the deceased from the place of death, refrigeration of the deceased for the minimum mandatory 48-hour waiting period and the transportation of the deceased to the crematory where the actual cremation takes place. There is no chemical preparation or viewing of the body in a cremation casket and there are no services prior to the cremation, or afterward on our property.

How does cremation cost compare to typical burial?

The average cost of cremation is one-third less than the average cost of traditional funeral and burial.

What areas of Florida does All Faiths Cremation Society serve?

All Faiths Cremation Society covers the entire state of Florida. Please call our office for specific locations.

Can I arrange a traditional funeral that's followed by cremation with All Faiths Cremation Society?

According to Florida State Statutes, cremation societies “may not sell, conduct, or arrange for burials, funeral services, memorial services, visitations or viewings; hold themselves out to the public as funeral directors; or use any name, title, or advertisement that may tend to connote that they are funeral directors. These prohibitions shall apply regardless of the fact that such individuals may be licensed as funeral directors.” At our All Faiths Cremation Society office in The Villages, we do not provide funeral/burial services. However, our office in Orlando (All Faiths Cremation & Burial Society) can assist you with these needs.

Is a casket required for direct cremation?

No, the Federal Trade Commission requires that firms offering cremation must make alternative containers available to the families they serve.

Is embalming required for direct cremation?

Embalming is not required for direct cremation. Florida has a minimum mandatory 48-hour waiting period before cremation can take place. All Faiths Cremation Society utilizes refrigeration (rather than chemicals) to preserve the deceased. Refrigeration and dignified shelter of the remains is included in our basic direct cremation fee.

Do I have to fly to Florida to make cremation arrangements for my loved one who passed away there?

No, you do not. All necessary arrangements can be made with a simple telephone call. The cremation authorizations and purchase agreement can be faxed or sent by email. Click here to notify us of a death. The purpose of our website is to make the direct cremation arrangement process as accessible and consumer-friendly as possible.

Can All Faiths Cremation Society arrange for the cremated remains to be scattered at sea?

Yes. All Faiths Cremation Society offers Gulf Coast scattering services. Please call our office for complete details.

Are cremated remains returned from the crematory in an urn?

No. Cremated remains are returned from the crematory in a tasteful white box, and we have a large selection of urns in our showroom. An urn is an optional item.

What disposition options does All Faiths Cremation Society offer for cremated remains?

Cremated remains can be:

  • Shipped via US Registered Mail (USA and Canada) to a cemetery, funeral home or residence. (Minimum plastic shipping container required at additional cost.)
  • Kept at home in an urn. Having the ashes of a loved one near is a comfort to many of our families. Not everyone is comfortable with keeping cremated remains at home, and the decision to dispose of the cremated remains in the future may fall to someone who doesn’t have the same respect or sentimental feelings for them as you.
  • Scattered at sea. You do not have to scatter all of the cremated remains at sea. Many families opt to purchase a keepsake urn for home or to be interred and memorialized in a cemetery of their choosing.
  • Interred in a cemetery. If you own cemetery property, the cremated remains can be interred in your plot or entombed in your niche. Check with your cemetery for their rules and pricing.
  • Interred in a national cemetery. If the decedent was an honorably discharged veteran, their cremated remains (and those of the spouse) can be interred in a grave or placed in a niche, depending on availability, at a national cemetery.

All Faiths Cremation Society will gladly assist, guide and support you regarding any of your choices. Call our office at (800) 843-6253 for details.

How long has All Faiths Cremation Society been in business?

All Faiths Cremation Society has been serving families throughout Florida since 1985. Our cremation society is fully licensed and registered with the state of Florida. Offering low cost direct cremation services is all we do. Our Orlando location, which offers funeral-related products or services, has been serving families since 1990.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (352) 753-2612.